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In-Depth Personal Profile [30-35 pages]

In-Depth Personal Profile [30-35 pages]

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Get a personal profile with in-depth insights into your personality type and your unique development and subtype

Would you like to get to know yourself better? 

Would you like advice and insight into how your personality can succeed at work?

Would like you tips for your mental health, well-being and flow?

When I was a kid, growing up, I wish I had a map I could use to better orient myself around who I am, and to ensure I stayed true to my own path. Instead, I took years to explore all the insights of Carl Jung, and to master and understand different personality inventories, like the Big Five, the MBTI, DiSC and the Enneagram. Now I want to offer those things in a condensed and simple format for anyone who is looking to understand themselves better.

How it works

The report is about 30-35 pages long, and contains, besides a portrait of your strongest intelligence and your core archetype, in-depth insights into your life across eight dimensions. That means you can expect advice related to:

Your career and professional life

Your social life and relationships

Your private life and well-being

Your lifestyle and hobbies

The physical, material dimension of life

Intellectual stimulation and well-being

Emotional well-being

Spiritual well-being

On top of that, the report grades you across 24 unique personality traits and 16 cognitive functions, mixing insights from different systems to give you an as comprehensive understanding of yourself as possible. 

This profile can be a basis for introspection, and can give you tips for self-improvement. It can help you recognize areas in your life where you would like to improve more, and help you set specific goals in these areas of your life.  


"I recently got the personality report from Personalitopia, and it's been enlightening! It perfectly captured my adventurous nature and gave great tips on using my strengths in everyday life. The insights on 'Bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence' were spot on. It's been a real eye-opener for me!"


"I've always been intrigued by my personality, and the report from was amazing. The analysis was deep and spot-on, especially about my 'Verbal-linguistic' intelligence. It's helped me understand and apply my extroverted and intuitive traits better in both my career and personal life."


"The personality report from felt like it was written just for me! It accurately reflected my introspective and feeling-oriented IF nature. The advice on improving my 'Intropersonal intelligence' and 'Emotional well-being' has been incredibly useful. "



After purchasing the report, fill out a quick personality test on, and send me a quick video recording of yourself or the person you want the report from. You can record yourself using your own camera on your phone, and all you need to do is answer three questions:

Tell me a moment in your childhood or teenage years that you remember vividly. What were you doing at the time, how did you respond to that situation, and why do you think, was this situation so memorable to you? 

Tell me something you do or can do that you do better than anyone else, or talk about a situation or topic where you feel talented and knowledgeable. 

If you could imagine yourself five years into the future, what changes would you like to see, and what things do you hope will stay the same as they are today? 

Already using these questions and a 3-5 minute video, I can give you accurate insights into your personality type and help you develop your own portrait. 

Or, if you'd like to get even more in-depth, answer the questions at the bottom of this page: 

What if I don't agree with something?

I'm known for giving highly accurate reports and insights into the human mind, and for being a skilled reader of people. That doesn't mean that I can't get certain things wrong. If you disagree with certain information or feel like something doesn't fit you, you can send me a message and I'm happy to give it a second look. Regardless, I promise you'll learn a lot about yourself through this experience. 

Get the report for yourself, a friend or a partner

You can order the report for yourself but you can also order it as a gift for a friend, family member or partner. This can be a great way for you to get to know each others more. All you need to do is record a quick video or have them fill out a personality test. You'll find that the insights go deeper than any traditional personality test or report. 

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